Man at Work - Selection and recruitment

Man at Work - Selection and recruitment

What does labour lending means?

In the course of our labour lending activity we enter into contract with our partner companies, on the basis of description of the sphere of activity which is made available for us and that applies to the searched position, in order to hunt up and find the suitable employee. In this build-up the employee conveyed by us contracts with the Partner Company.

What is the difference between labour lending and labour selection and recruitment?

In case of labour lending Man at Work Kft. enters into work contract with the employees, characteristically selected for a given period. The employees employed this way work at the Borrower, namely at the partner companies of Man at Work Kft.

So labour selection and recruitment is substantially different, because our company takes part solely in the process of enrollment and the selected employee will be employed by the Partner Company.

Why does it worth for the Employers to co-operate with labour selecting and recruiting companies?


  • the principle, the two heads are better than one, predominates in case if an intermediating company is also entrusted with the given search. There is a far wider choosing possibility for the procurement of work labour.
  • it quickly finds the candidates who meets the expectations, because at a work labour selecting and recruiting company advertising, the reception of the candidates and their interviewing, etc., are part of the daily routine.
  • you can select from pre-sorted candidates who are suited for the previously determined searching criteria, this way the period of selection will be significantly shorter.
  • if the Employer does not want to reveal itself during a given search, the selection – until a certain stage of the application procedure - will be carried out by the suppliers confidentially.
  • the work labour selecting and recruiting companies work for a success fee and they also guarantee the suitability of the employees conveyed by them.

To whom does Man at Work Kft. procure man power?

Leaning on our success in man-power lending and on our experiences in recruitment from our establishment in 1998 , enlarging our service supply we started to deal with work labour selection and recruitment. Most of our partners, aside from a few exceptions, are small-, middle- and large-sized companies working on the field of automotive industry, machine industry and electronics

As a matter of fact we established our branch of work labour mediation, besides the man-power lending claim of our Partners, upon the search of professionals (skilled workers, technicians, engineers, middle managers and top managers) and it has been operating as an individual branch since 2006. Since than, continuously providing a good quality service for our Partners, we have mediated more than 500 employees for both employee and manager positions. 70 percent of the job-hunters who have been placed into jobs with our involvement are people who are graduated, speak different languages and mainly have experience regarding producing companies.

Why should you choose Man at Work to be your partner?

Because, …

  • we provide our service for a success fee and we do not ask exclusivity from our Partners;
  • our own resume data base, that can be accessible on-line and is up-to-date, makes possible for us to do this service in the whole region of Hungary;
  • our HR advisers, who are prepared, qualified and have professional experience, perform a thorough, conscientious and systematic, that is quality work;
  • our colleagues, in the interest of the efficiency of the selection, endeavor to establish a direct and personal relationship with the HR staff of the Partner companies and with the job-hunters, too;
  • our references prove our proficiency and reliability and we possess the licences that are necessary for the work power mediation activity (Reg. number: VMMKp. 1237/2001.);
  • we unobtrusively carry out our Partners’ confidential search;
  • we take guarantee for our mediated employees;

How does man-power mediation and selection performed at Man at Work Kft?

  • We enter into contract with our Partners when our man power mediation service is ordered. This contract is a frame contract, therefore practically it is not necessary to make an agreement every time we start a new search.
  • Following the reconciliation on the expectations concerning the given position our consultants start the recruitment.
  • We hunt for professionals, who are suitable for the given task, mainly in our own database. Simultaneously with this, we advertise the position to be filled at our own expense and only and solely using our own advertising channels that we consider to be the most appropriate.
  • Our consultants collect the incoming tenders and applications.
  • Processing the resumes, after the pre-screening, we select those who meet the requirement and, to begin with, we interview them on the phone.
  • We meet the selected applicant personally. About the results of the interviews, that are completed using structured Hungarian and foreign languages, we prepare a report (an interview report) about our objective and subjective experiences –characterizing the applicant.
  • Following the additional narrowing of the list of the candidates we hand over the applicants’, who is considered to be the most suitable, personal documentation (resume, motivation letter, registration document, references, etc.) as well as the documentation of the first interview report, to the Mandator.
  • Our consultants, if necessary, participate in the completion of the Mandator’s (professional) interviews as well.
  •    he fixes the data and the site of the appointment with the candidates;
  •    he introduces the applicant and participates in the decision-preparation;
  • Our company, by a separate agreement undertakes the usage of tests and other, competency justifying, decision supporting selection methods (psychological competency test, graphology test, etc.)
  • Following the closure of recruitment and selection, independent of the success of our cooperation, we notify the applicants about the result of their interviews.

Request for man power mediation, - recritment, head hunting:

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Man at Work - Selection and recruitment

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