Man at Work - Labour lending

Man at Work - Labour lending

Man at Work Kft. undertakes that the employees of required number and competency, after fast recruitment and professional selection, will be made available for your company according to the deadline.

What do we mean by labour lending?

Labour lending is a three-pole legal relationship in which the Lender and the Borrower exercise the employer's rights and commitments shared. The Employee is the third party who is employed and lent by the Lender company for the partner Borrower.

Labour lending is regulated by the Labour Code, paragraphs 193/B. - 193/H.

Why does it worth to employ a labour -lending company?

  • The period of time and construction of labour lending flexibly adjust to your and your company's needs,
  • It handles the production run-ups, the necessary cutbacks and fluctuation in an ideal way from workforce point of view,
  • In case of being on leave and headcount stop labour lending is an excellent solution
  • The recruitment tasks of the company’s HR activities are relieved or totally overtaken
  • The administrative costs of the employment expenses are incurred by the Lender.
  • The borrower using labour lending service is not obliged to pay wages and affixes and does not have the obligation of return,
  • It can be applied for any period of time and with any staff number.

Why should you choose Man at Work Kft. as your labour lending partner?

  • Man at Work Kft. has been founded in 1998, its VAT number is: 11672740-2-19. This number hasn’t been changed and it will not be changed in the future either.
  • Since our foundation we have never lost any commisioner due to quality reasons,
  • Our labor, administrative and accounting systems, due to the big enterprise categorization of Man at Work Kft., has been continuously controlled by the competent authorities and it has been considered to be an exemplary organized company see Tax Office pdf by clicking here
  • In case of all of our partner companies we adjust to the HR procedures of long standing (cafeteria, accounting, statements, cost places)
  • We possess ISO certification and liability insurance regarding this activity
  • In our customer’s offices we have skilled and experienced colleagues and a database of thousands of employees.


The process of labour lending at Man at Work Kft.

With our partners, after making an offer, we agree on a frame contract regarding the conditions of labour lending. We conciliate and agree on the staff number and competencies according to the schedule that we have previously fixed.

Upon the receipt of the assignment we begin the recruitment at once, we start to carry out personal interviews and than, for the eligible applicants, we organize a factory visit to the premises of the Borrower. After all these the selection will take place, which, after the successful medical examination, is followed by the conclusion of the labour contract.

In case of all of our partners our company is represented by our colleague – our project leader who is dealing with the given company. His task is keeping connection between the two companies as well as taking care of our rented employees.

In case of a rented staff of higher number we provide an on-site manager, whose task is to take care of the administrative affairs of the rented colleagues on a daily bases as well as the servicing of the HR organization of the Borrower’s company in connection with the rented workforce.

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