Man at Work -  Working abroad – FAQ

Since August 2016, Man at Work has also provided job seekers with job opportunities abroad. You might want to ask the following questions, so please read the information below thoroughly.

What should you know about the job opportunities provided by our company?

We currently have open positions in Germany; however, we are working on the opportunity to be able to provide you with open positions in further EU countries. All our job opportunities are legal, declared jobs. The German law and provincial regulations apply to job seekers. (Payment, taxation, holidays…)

How much does labour placement abroad cost?

Private labour recruitment and provision companies cannot request money from employees in the event of placement either inland or abroad. If you see such a case where you are supposed to pay, do not participate.

Language skills

It is important to be able to communicate in the language of the receiving country at least at a level that allows you to hold a conversation. This is essential due to several reasons:

• You might not have Hungarian colleagues at your future workplace.
• If you have a problem, you should be able to make yourself understood by the locals.
• If you have stable language skills, you can avoid misunderstandings. (Nobody will give you a grade for how many grammatical errors you make, or if you do not answer with a full sentence, but it is essential to know the work-related expressions and basic, everyday words and phrases.)

Where will I live? Is it necessary to have my own car?

You will be provided with accommodation by our partner, which will be deducted from your salary. They attempt to provide a single room for all their employees. It is also possible to live somewhere else, but you have to arrange other accommodation on your own. It is not necessary to have your own car, or if it is, our colleagues specially call your attention to this fact.

Are there any opportunities for career starters?

Our partner is open to all motivated people who speak German as well as possible and would like to work in Germany.

I have got the job. How shall I proceed?

You will receive an email from our partner in which they will inform you about the time of starting work, the salary, the name of the position and the address of their central office where you will have to go. Our partner from the foreign office will take you to your accommodation, which is in the same settlement as your workplace.

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Make a photocopy of all your documents. Check that none of your documents and ID cards will expire in the near future!
We wish you a lot of success and experiences!


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