Man at Work - Payroll calculation outsourcing

Man at Work - Payroll calculation outsourcing

What does payroll calculation outsourcing mean?

The outsourcing of your company's payroll calculation, social insurance accounting and labour process with full responsibility. Our company executes the outsourcing activity for your company as a complex service on the basis of an accurately determined activity/responsibility matrix.

Is this a godd solution for your HR duties?

Yes, it is because...

  • ...You do not have to deal wiht the changes of the law any longer,
  • ...We will quickly, accurately and in accordance with the specification fulfill the calculation of the payroll, commission fees and other incomes of your employees,
  • ... on-demand - we give you a statement on the income of your employees regularly or occasionally,
  • ... we do our job by taking full-scale responsibility,
  • … instead of fixed payment cost, you get an accurately calculable operational cost proportionate with the headcount

When does it worth outsourcing the payroll calculation?

  • If until now an accountant has made the calculation but you already know that book keeping is not payroll calculation.
  • If the number of your employees has been continuously changing.
  • If you do not want to hire an employee who calculates payroll and do not want to follow up his work
  • If you would like to achieve qualitative improvement on the field of payroll calculation
  • Instead of fixed payment cost, you get an accurately calculable operational cost proportionate with the headcount


What Man at Work Humánszolgáltató és Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft. offers in case of outsourcing:

  • We prepare the filed and non-fieled employees' payroll calculation as well as the payroll calculation of the fees, royalties and other incomes,
  • we prepare your statistics reports and keep your records
  • we define the net income of your colleagues, the affixes and taxes to be transferred and we prepare your accounting dispatches concerning the areas of wages and social security
  • we operate a social security remuneration place - in accordance with your requirements
  • we can takeover any labour round of duties with specific task-responsibility definition - even a fully fledged HR outsourcing can be performed for our Principal.

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