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Our website gives an extensive view of the world of work from a variety of employment opportunities through the most important passages of the Labor Code, to the detailed introduction of our staff and advisory solutions.




For employers, managers and HR staff we introduce systematically the labour lending and mediation, manager selection, Try & Hire, outsourcing and payroll calculation. Our services are based on our experiences on customer needs and on the knowledge of the complex system of the related laws. These experiences maximize the satisfaction of the employees, optimize efficiency and minimize the fluctuations. Man at Work Ltd. creates harmony for our clients between changing production demands, need for ideal wage costs and striving for perfection in quality. We work efficiently, fast, accurately and we are almost unnoticed.


For employees, job seeker we offer several jobs and methods which help them becoming more valuable, more successful in the labour market. We give advice about labour law which makes you prepared and confident on a job interview. We give tips and CV writing methods which make you a strong minded person even if you are between jobs. Be a qualified job seeker to whom it is a challenge to get the target job.

 If you are interested in our web page in general, here you can meet the growing part of the world of work where WORK is something which produces value and which is rewarding and valuable itself.


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