Man at Work - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What job opportunities are there at Man at Work?

Our clients are production and/or service providing companies looking for employees for various positions and fields. There are also job vacancies necessitating a qualification as a technician or a higher education degree. The company has offices in Northern Transdanubia and Budapest and our partners also operate in this area.

What does registration in the data bank of Man at Work mean? What happens to the application following registration?

If you register on the homepage with the aim of general inquiry/job search, your uploaded application will be automatically saved in the data base of Man at Work. Since you accept our data protection statement during registration, your application will be considered for each future search, i.e. we contact you with the details if we have a job opportunity suitable for you.

What is the data protection letter and what is it good for?

Man at Work Kft. is obliged to handle applications confidentially. By accepting the letter, candidates approve of the company`s storing their data in order to inform them about future job opportunities.

When is it advisable to apply for job advertisements?

The expectations of the position, the duties and the place of work are listed in each job advertisement. Unfortunately, the application cannot be considered if the candidate does not have the required qualification or the language skills necessary for the job.

What is to be observed if you apply for a job?

It is worth paying attention to small details such as the accurate inclusion of the addressee`s data, the name of the company/advisor/position, the reference number of the advertisement. These are important for the accurate identification of the position you apply for, therefore, you can significantly ease our HR advisor`s work if you include these in the subject field of your e-mail.

I would like to apply but right now I cannot upload a photo, C.V., etc. Can I also apply this way?

We cannot help you if you have no C.V. as we pre-filter and select the candidates for a position in all cases. It is not required to include your photo in your C.V.

What do the requirements listed in the job advertisement mean?

The requirements are always determined based on the information put at our disposal by the Client, so it is not possible to deviate from them.

Do I really have to use the foreign language? What is meant by conversation, communication or negotiation level?

If we include the requirement of foreign language skills, it is always a real expectation required by our Client and the foreign language skills are always tested during a short foreign language interview. Generally, elementary level skills are meant by conversation level, intermediate level by communication level and advanced level by negotiation level.

There is also a phone number in the job advertisement. In what cases is it worth calling the advisor?

If you have a question concerning the job advertisement, you can also call the advisor. It is, however, important to know that we cannot disclose information concerning the identity of the Client or the salary during a conversation on the telephone before sending an application (C.V.) for the position.

What happens to the application if you apply for a position?

The advisor pre-filters the applications and – based on the available information – selects the candidates who meet the requirements and who he/she would like to inform in more detail about the opportunity personally or on the phone.

What happens during a personal interview?

During the personal interview, the advisor informs the candidate about the details of the position, the activities of the Client, the selection procedure, there is a foreign language interview and the candidates are requested to give a detailed description of professional experiences.

What should I send except for the C.V. when I apply?

As requested in the job advertisement, possibly the copies of certificates and degrees, the cover letter and the reference number.

Can I ask for help to write the C.V. and the motivation letter?

Yes. Our advisors are always happy to offer help with writing the appropriate C.V. and motivation letter, either via e-mail, telephone or even in person.

Can I receive more information about the Client?

On demand of our Clients, we cannot give their name in the job advertisement, so we only define the main profile/activities. We can reveal the identity of the Client during the personal interview and we share all information at our disposal that is related to the position in question and that might be important for the candidate.

Can the employer directly contact me? When does my “application” start? When does my C.V. become available to employers?

Applications are only forwarded to our Clients following personal or telephone negotiations, consequently, you can only expect to be contacted in such a case.

Why don`t I receive confirmation concerning my application?

If you send your application to one of the e-mail addresses listed in the job advertisement, you always receive an automatic application reply mail following your inclusion in our data base. Every candidate is notified at the end of the selection procedure at the latest.

How much does mediation cost?

It is free of charge for job-seekers.

I am interested in Austria, Germany or Slovakia. Is there any real chance for this?

Man at Work Kft. also has foreign partners; consequently, such job advertisements are also listed on our homepage. However, there are positions which mean employment by our Hungarian Clients but there is an opportunity to work abroad.

How can I inactivate/delete my C.V.?

You can use the e-mail address to report if you do not wish to use the opportunity to be listed in the data bank any longer.

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