Man at Work - 9 tips for the perfect C.V.

1. The name

It could even be called rule number 0 that the name should always be included in the C.V. It should be clearly legible, at the beginning of the C.V., possible at the top. The worst that can happen is if the HR specialist has to start looking for the name of the C.V. owner.

Man at Work - 9 tips for the perfect C.V.

2. Contact data – telephone numbers, unserious e-mail addresses

The largest mistake to do in a C.V. is if you do not include the contact data. There is no phone number or only a fixed or home number where the candidate can never be reached, if the phone number is not right or if the candidate includes their work phone number and someone else answers the phone at their previous workplace.
Candidates frequently include a funny or unserious e-mail address created for their friends in their C.V. E-mail addresses such as or do not fit a C.V. It is possible to create an e-mail address on any portal in a couple of minutes with your full name written together or your first and family name separated with a dot. If you already have such an e-mail address, make sure that you send your application from this address.

3. Formatting, style

Pay attention to formatting and spelling since your future employer will have an impression on you based on the C.V. Don`t send a bulky, unstructured text as a C.V., pay attention to chronology, and formatting and use the possible forms of highlighting, such as underlining or bold letters.

4. Qualifications

Use a chronological order: it is practical to start backwards from the latest qualifications, as these might be interesting for an HR specialist. The primary or nursery school does not belong to the schools to be included in your C.V.

5. Work experience

Chronology is important here, too: it is advisable to start the list with the latest one. Make sure that there are no visible gaps in the list. It is a frequent mistake that only the name of the position is indicated next to the workplace or the description is too lengthy. It is enough to list the activities here. You should not give a negative description about your previous workplace. It is important to highlight the experiences that are essential for the job you apply for.

6. Customising

Pay attention to freshness; make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your C.V. Use the spell-checker to check your spelling. Read your C.V. before sending it, if necessary, several times since the lack of preciseness is very visible. Always update the date, the family data and the address.
If you write a C.V. including the position applied for, make sure that the name of the position in the job advertisement is included.

Man at Work - 9 tips for the perfect C.V.

7. Photo

A passport photo is enough for a C.V. Don`t send photos made during your vacation, at a family or other event or at a party, especially in the original size. There are numerous programs that allow you to cut off the unwanted parts of a photo. If an application with a photo is requested, don`t send your C.V. without it.

8. The file name

It is best to name the file after yourself, marking the Hungarian and the foreign-language C.V. in the file name. Consider how much extra work the HR specialist must do if they have to rename your C.V. before saving it because everyone sends files called “C.V.” or “C.V. Pete, Andrew, etc…”.


Man at Work - 9 tips for the perfect C.V.

9. Social media sites

When applying for a new job, you should consider what information is publically available on social media sites on the Internet. We might not be seen in a positive light if we write things on any social media site such as “I can hardly wait to finish work” or “I hate my boss”. Check what pictures are public since there might be photos available to anyone that might not show you in a good light.

+1 Motivation letter

The role of the motivation letter is to allow you to write about your experiences, expectations and ideas concerning the position you apply for in more detail. Here you can write about your ideas in full sentences. Don`t use templates, stick to the truth, try to be unique and raise attention to yourself. You should not repeat your C.V. in your motivation letter.

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